Pay Zakat al-Fitr before EID

For those who have not paid their Zakat al-Fitr yet, there isn’t much time.

Ibn ‘Umar reported that the Prophet ordered that it (Zakat al-Fitr) be given before people go to perform the (`Eid) prayers.

One who forgets to pay this Zakat al-Fitr on time should do so as soon as possible even though it will not be counted as Zakat al-Fitr.


interac-email-transfer-logoTo make this easy for you, we are accepting email money transfers.

Note: The amount per person is between $7-$10. This must be paid for every individual in the house even for a newborn who is born before EID salah.

You can send your email money transfer to Once you have sent the email money transfer to this email, please send a separate email to the above address¬†with the e-transfer password and put “Zakat al-Fitr”¬†in the subject line.